Threaded rods


Threaded rods are manufactured in accordance with the German standard DIN 975, with metric threads (tolerance zone 6g), diameters of M6 to M16 along the entire length of the rod 1000 mm, galvanized or uncoated.


The area of application of threaded rods is very wide, but these fasteners are in greatest demand in industrial and civil construction. A threaded rod is a fastening element with which various structures, formwork elements, etc. are fixed. As a rule, one end of the rod is attached to a wall or ceiling using a drop-in anchor, and the other side is used to fix parts or equipment elements by means of washers and nuts.

Threaded rods are used for ceiling mounting of ventilation systems, air ducts, sprinkler fire extinguishing systems with increased remote mounting from supporting bases. Rods can also be used to fasten wooden logs, beams, boards, etc.

Before mounting the structure or material, the threaded rod must be fixed to the wall or ceiling in a hammered anchor, cut off the required length of the rod, and then hang the structure or material of the required thickness in accordance with the permissible load on the rod, which depends on its strength class and diameter.


The threaded rod, made according to the German DIN 975 standard, has the following features and advantages:
– Metric thread rolled over the entire length of the rod and it is possible to trim the rod to the desired length;
– Resistant to environmental conditions, as it has an anti-corrosion zinc coating;
– Reliable and convenient connection, as it can be used with standard nuts and washers;
– The threaded rod is capable of firmly tightening the structural elements of the parts due to the calibrated tightening of the nuts;
– Unlike welded structures, it is possible to adjust and fix equipment, parts and materials during installation, thanks to the installation of expansion bushings, gaskets or washers on the threaded rod;
– The separability of structures, assembled on threaded rods, allows multiple assembly/disassembly, during the repair or maintenance operations.


Threaded rods are made of carbon steel according to the process procedures. As a rule, rods are made of strength class 4.6 using grade St3sp or St3ps steel in accordance with GOST 380-2005 at the discretion of the manufacturer. Other steel grades are possible upon agreement with the buyer.

Threaded rods can be made uncoated or zinc coated.

Threaded rods are packed in bundles. The number of rods in a bundle is indicated in the reference information for the assortment of rods.

Coated rods are packed in PP material.

Uncoated rods are pre-wrapped with plastic wrap.


Assortment of zinc-coated threaded rods with metric thread along the entire length of the rod of 1000 mm manufactured as per German standard DIN 975more details
Assortment of uncoated threaded rods with metric thread along the entire length of the rod of 1000 mm manufactured as per German standard DIN 975more details
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