Flat washers


GOST 11371-78 — Flat washers


Flat washers made in accordance with GOST 11371-78 are flat discs with a hole and are used as part of threaded connections together with bolts, screws, studs and some types of self-tapping screws. Flat washers help to evenly distribute the pressure of the fixing hardware on the supporting surface, make the fastening more reliable and prevent spontaneous loosening.

The flat washer also has other parameters, which should not be neglected. In particular, washers can be distinguished by the presence of a corrosion-resistant zinc coating, their hardness and precision.

Flat washers are widely in demand in the construction industry, mechanical engineering, instrument making and furniture production.


– Flat washers prevent the pressing-through of thin and fragile material, especially thin sheet body parts, from the impact of the compression force of the main fastener (bolt or nut), as it spreads over a large area;
– An additional locking force is created on the threaded connection;
– The flat washer can be used with any kind of nuts, bolts, studs and screws, including self-locking ones;
– It is allowed to install connections with washer gasket on the side of the nut, bolt head or screw, as well as on both sides of the parts;
– The high corrosion resistance of galvanized steel prevents rust from forming and spreading around the contact area;
– When using tools with a tightening force limiter for fasteners, due to the presence of a flat washer, the paint coating of the connected parts is not damaged.


Flat washers are made of commercial quality carbon steel of St3 grade and intended for fixing hardware with thread diameters of 6 to 16 mm inclusive. Flat washers can be made uncoated or zinc coated.

Flat washers are packed in two options:

  1. Zinc coated washers are packed in 15 kg cartons. Uncoated washers are pre-packed in polyethylene bags.
  2. Washers, whether packed or unpacked, are packed in polyethylene bags, and then packed in 20 kg plastic bags.


Assortment of zinc-coated flat washers as per GOST 11371-78more details
Assortment of uncoated flat washers as per GOST 11371-78more details
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