Mission and values


Our primary objective is to maintain the position of the leading supplier and manufacturer of pipe products in the Uzbek market by increasing the number of consumers and improving the quality of products.


We see our mission in creating comfortable conditions for people both at home and at work by providing quality products and services. Creation of the maximum benefits of the manufactured products, namely, quality, service, approach, and price.

Mission accomplishment is facilitated by

Management – success management. Professional management in all areas of activity is the basis for achieving success and competitiveness. The company implements the most advanced management methods in practice and strives to comply with international standards.

Innovations – the use of advanced technologies. The company aims to use advanced technologies in all areas of its activities. We are open to all new achievements of scientific and technological progress, which will allow us to achieve the highest business performance. At the plant, teams of specialists have been working diligently, contributing to the progressive development and introduction of new products.

Perfecting – perfection has no limits. The company is a continuously developing, self-improving and self-learning organization using the principles of strategic planning and overall quality management.

Employees are the main asset.
Respect for employees is expressed in the creation of a favorable psychological climate and occupational environment for their work, equal treatment of all employees. The company strives for employee loyalty, improving the well-being of employees, and encouraging personal and professional growth.

The plant’s staff is a close-knit team of specialists.

Initiative is always welcomed. The company encourages and fosters reasonable initiative and creative approach to work, while respecting the principle of subordination and the existing limits of authority.

Clarity of goals – We should know at all times what we want to achieve and how we are going to do it. The company’s success can be achieved through a clear setting of goals and the definition of ways to achieve them at all levels of management.

Core Principles

Consumer is of  paramount value.
The interests and needs of the buyer are the basis of our activity.

Everyone should have an entrepreneurial approach to all issues!
Each employee ought to understand that his/her personal contribution affects the growth of profitability, its stability and reliability. Each employee should take business and success as if they were his/her personal business and success.

To become better day by day, gaining knowledge every minute!

Continuous improvement of performance is the essence of modern business and our strategy. The basis of the efficiency of each employee is the constant improvement of their activities through gaining new professional expertise and skills and the application thereof in practice.

Purposes and Objectives

– Ensuring the accomplishment of the most important government-controlled task, namely to provide enterprises of the Republic of Uzbekistan with metal products;
– Maintaining the leading position in the market share of manufacture and sales;
– Achieving the highest possible quality of products;
– Development in the field of technology and innovative solutions;
– Achieving the maximum use of available raw materials, human and financial resources;
– Increasing the revenue through expanding capacities and product range;
– Aiming at achieving the highest possible level of employment;
– Scaling, representation;

The management of JV LLC Tashkent Pipe Plant named after V.L. Galperin is fully responsible for the implementation of the company’s quality policy. Each employee’s responsibility for the quality of his/her work is an indispensable condition for successful implementation of the Integrated Management System.