JV Tashkent Pipe Plant LLC was founded by Vladimir Leonidovich Galperin in 1996.

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A steady, guaranteed demand of the developing fuel & energy complex and construction industry, public utilities, small and medium-sized businesses on the one hand, and the favorable investment climate created by the government of the country on the other hand, laid the foundation for the development of pipe manufacture, which was a new type of processing in the metals industry of Uzbekistan. And Tashkent Pipe Plant was a pioneer in the manufacture of steel pipes.

Areas of Activity

Today, JV LLC Tashkent Pipe Plant named after V.L. Galperin is a metallurgical complex, which is a set of interconnected manufacturing processes from steel melting, continuous casting of billets (blooms and slabs) and the manufacture of various types of processing (flat rolled stock, reinforcing bars, rolled wire, pipes, etc.) to the output of finished products ( wire, fixing hardware, electrodes, etc.)

As part of the areas of activity, the plant’s production units implementing a variety of metal working techniques have the opportunity to share experiences and gain knowledge in order to foster the development of initiatives, improvement of existing technologies and introduction of innovative production processes. The areas of activity are correlated to the plant’s goals. They are not isolated and do not exist independently of one another.

Each area of activity is focused on finding possible points of intersection with the other ones, as well as on finding solutions that can provide the plant with significant competitive advantages.

Our Primary Objective

We are aimed at manufacturing and selling competitive products that ensure sustainable economic performances, making profit for further diversification of production in order to satisfy consumer needs to the fullest extent, as well as the development of the company for the benefit of the founders and employees of JV LLC Tashkent Pipe Plant named after V. L. Galperin, suppliers of equipment, materials and spare parts, based on the requirements of regulatory documents and legislation related to the plant’s activity.

Today, our company is:

– more than 290 thousand square meters of production space deployed on a land plot of 60 hectares;
– manufacture of hundred thousand tons of demanded import-substituting products per year;
– a team of more than 4,000 skilled specialists;
– benefits package (meals, healthcare);
– 28 free bus routes to transport the company’s employees to and from the workplace;
– the children’s health camp “Konstruktor (lit. Designer)”, which can accommodate 3,000 attendees throughout the summer.