Electrically welded straight seam steel pipes from 426 to 1,420 mm


JV “Tashkent Pipe Plant” LLC named after V.L. Galperin” produces a wide range of round steel electric-welded longitudinal seam pipes, diameter from 426 to 1,420 mm, with wall thicknesses from 6 to 30 mm, strength group up to X80.

Round steel electrically welded straight seam pipes are manufactured according to GOST 10704-91 and technical specifications GOST 10706-91, GOST 31447-2012, GOST 20295-85, GOST ISO 3183-2015 and API Spec 5L.


Pipes according to GOST 10704-91 are manufactured by submerged arc welding according to GOST 10706-91 (diameter from 426 to 1,420 mm). Pipes of this type are general purpose pipes, can be used for pipelines and structures for various purposes and are widely used for construction of main water pipelines, heating networks and natural gas.

Pipes straight seam (diameter 530-1,420 mm) welded by submerged arc welding with one or two longitudinal seams according to GOST 31447-2012 are used for construction and repair of main gas pipelines, oil pipelines and oil product pipelines transporting non-corrosive products (natural gas, oil and oil products).

Pipes according to Type 3 of GOST 20295-85 specifications are straight seam pipes of 530-1,420 mm diameter, manufactured by submerged arc welding with one or two longitudinal seams, used for construction of main gas and oil pipelines, oil product pipelines, technological and field pipelines.

For pipelines of oil and gas industry, round steel longitudinal seam pipes are manufactured at the company according to the general specifications of GOST ISO 3183-2015 with diameters from 426 to 1,420 mm.

Pipes used for transportation of water as well as gas and oil in the oil and gas production and processing industry are manufactured to API Spec 5L pipeline pipe specifications.

All of the above pipes are also widely used for construction and repair of various metal structures.


Technological equipment allows us to produce pipes in a wide range of diameters and wall thicknesses. Depending on customers’ technical requirements, pipes can be manufactured from various grades of carbon and low-alloy steels of increased strength.

The availability of a certified Central Factory Laboratory equipped with modern control and measuring instruments, testing equipment and spectral analysis, non-destructive testing equipment (eddy current, ultrasonic and X-ray inspection) installed in the production pipelines, as well as stands for factory acceptance hydraulic tests make it possible to ensure compliance of pipes with all requirements of regulatory documentation.


1. Outer diameter of round steel electrically welded straight seam pipes from 426 to 1,420 mm, wall thickness from 6 to 30 mm.
2. Standard pipe lengths: 8,000, 10,000, 11,500 and 12,000 mm with external and internal insulation.
3. These gauged lengths are optimal for pipe transportation by long-haul trucks and railway gondola cars.


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