Hot-rolled steel square billet


Hot-rolled square billets made of carbon steel of commercial quality are regulated in accordance with GOST 535-2005, and the chemical composition should be in accordance with GOST 380-2005.

Our plant is capable of manufacturing hot-rolled square billets from structural, tool and low-alloy steel grades.


Steel square billets are used in various sectors of industry and construction. It is commonly used for manufacturing various parts and tools, including washers, anti-theft devices, rod clamping terminals, various railway fasteners, for example, hook-headed railway spikes, and many other necessary products for industrial and domestic purposes.

Hot-rolled steel square billets are also used in the production of metal structures and products such as gratings, railings, fences.

In addition, the billets are used as a blank for creating architectural metal products, giving it various curly shapes by compression or twisting using special equipment. Thanks to this, beautiful benches, decorative elements for finishing buildings, gazebos, lanterns, settees, stairs and much more are made of the square billet.


High flexibility, weldability and durability make it possible to use steel square billets for the construction of the frame of buildings, balconies, awnings, stairs and many more. The correct geometry of the square billet allows using it in architecture and blacksmithing.

Hot-rolled steel square billets have great advantages over cut square billets, which are produced by cutting on a crop shear – a hot-rolled sheet press. Cutting makes it impossible to achieve the accuracy requirements established in GOST 2591-2006. In addition, cut square billets have sharp edges resulting from exposure to a sharp cutting tool. Such edges make it difficult to use the square billets in some products. It also requires additional processing of the edges, which inevitably leads to an increase in production costs.

Due to its excellent characteristics, namely long service life, high strength, flexibility, a wide range of sizes and an affordable price, the steel square billet is one of the most demanded types of high-quality rolled metal products.


1. The nominal side of the square billet: 12; 14; 16; 18; 20; 22 and 25 mm. Steel square billets are made in rods and packed in bundles weighing up to 3500 kg.

2. Hot-rolled square bars are manufactured in rods of a specified length of 11,700 mm, with a random length (MD1). The steel square billet length of 11,700 mm is optimal for transportation by long-size cars or in railway open wagons. When delivering bars of a specified length with a random length (SL1), the presence of bars of a random length (but not less than 2 m) is allowed in an amount of not more than 3% of the batch weight.

Hot-rolled square products are also produced in rods with a random length (RL). When delivering rods with a random length (RL), rods with a length of 6.0 to 12.0 m are packed in bundles. It is allowed to have rods with a length of 3 to 6 m in an amount of no more than 7% in a batch of rods with a random length.

3. Steel square billets are made of commercial quality carbon steel of St3ps, St3sp, St5ps and St5sp grades in accordance with GOST 380-2005. However, at the request of the consumer, square billets can be made of St0, St1, St2, St4 and St6 grade steels of all degrees of deoxidation, as well as from structural, chisel and low-alloy steel grades.


Hot-rolled steel square bars as per GOST 2591-2006 in rods of a specified length with a random length (MD1)more details
Hot-rolled steel square bars as per GOST 2591-2006 in rods with a random length (ND)more details
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