Rectangular pipes


Electric-welded rectangular steel pipes are manufactured in accordance with GOST 8645-68 and GOST 13663-86 specifications.


Rectangular pipes are a modern and popular building material. Rolled metal of this type is a worthy alternative to channels, corners, T-beams and I-beams, as it is lighter and less expensive.

Basically, electric-welded rectangular pipes are used in building structures for various purposes: from welded frames for lightly loaded structures to structures intended for the improvement of urban areas (advertising banners, public transport stops design, small architectural forms, etc.).

Rectangular pipes are used for the construction of structures for various purposes:
– residential and industrial buildings;
– workshops and warehouses;
– bridges and overpasses;
– shopping centers and other commercial buildings;
– playgrounds;
– decorative structures;
– garden furniture and summer cottages;
– supports and towers;
– railings and fences.

Rectangular pipes are also in demand in the agricultural industry and sectors of the national economy: mechanical engineering and light industry. Electric-welded rectangular pipes are used for the manufacture of almost any structure, which has a framed or caged base.


The main advantage of using rectangular pipes is the fact that while maintaining the strength of the structure, the weight load on the base and the total cost of building materials are reduced.


The main advantages of rectangular pipes, thanks to which they have become widely demanded, are:
– light weight for easy installation. Rectangular pipes, as compared with alternative parts from channels, angles, T-beams and I-beams, are fixed faster and do not require that installers shoud make much effort or spend a long time.
– convenient shape provides comfort of loading, transportation, unloading and installation. At the same time, rectangular pipes can be used to implement atypical design solutions.
– versatility of application. Rectangular pipes are used in the construction and repair of buildings of various purposes and sizes – commercial buildings, agricultural buildings, apartment buildings. The material is used both in construction, industrial and domestic spheres.
– affordability. The relatively low cost of rectangular pipe parts makes them more attractive than other alternative parts from channels, angle bars, T-beams and I-beams. Thanks to this, they are preferably chosen for use.
– high strength. Electric-welded rectangular metal pipes are characterized by resistance to high static and mechanical loads.
– the ability to use in any weather conditions. Rolled metal is resistant to temperature extremes, endures frost and heat, since the material has a small coefficient of expansion and a high melting point.


The advantages of rectangular pipes manufactured at JV LLC Tashkent Pipe Plant named after V.L. Galperin are:
– a large selection of sizes (from 30×20 to 300×150 with a wall thickness of 1.2 to 10mm);
– manufacture using the latest equipment made in China;
– strict control at all stages and, accordingly, high quality;
– fast shipment of products from the warehouse.

The existing process equipment allows us to manufacture rectangular pipes in a wide range of sizes of rectangular sides and wall thicknesses. Depending on the technical requirements of customers, pipes can be made of carbon steel of various grades.

The presence of the certified Central Plant Laboratory equipped with modern instrumentation, testing and spectral analysis equipment, as well as non-destructive testing equipment (eddy current testing) installed in production pipe-rolling lines, make it possible to ensure that rectangular pipes meet the requirements of regulatory documents.


1. The sizes of rectangular pipes are of 30×20 to 300×150 mm, the wall thickness is of 1.2 to 10 mm.

2. Pipes are made of carbon steels of all deoxidation degrees of St1, St2, St3 and St4 grades in accordance with GOST 380 and grade 20 in accordance with GOST 1050.

3. The standard gauge length of pipes varies from 8,000 to 11,500 mm and is optimal when transporting pipes in flatbed trucks and railway open wagons.

4. 100% of rectangular pipes are controlled by the Quality Control Department for compliance with the requirements of regulatory documents.


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