Coated metal welding electrodes


Coated metal electrodes for manual arc welding of steels and surfacing, MR-3 grade with a thick rutile coating, manufactured in accordance with GOST 9466-75


Coated metal electrodes for manual arc welding of steels and surfacing, MR-3 grade, are used for welding with alternating current or direct current of reverse polarity, for critical structures made of carbon steels with temporary resistance of the welded joint or deposited metal up to 46 kgf/mm2, in all spatial positions of the joint, except for vertical from top to bottom.


– When welding with alternating current, the arc stability is the same as when welding with direct current;
– Ease of arc striking. Re-striking will not force the welder to strain. MP-3 electrodes are suitable for both welding and tack welding;
– The spatter percentage is extremely low. It approaches the same rate as when welding in an inert gas;
– Rutile coating excludes slag and various oxides from entering it. The joint is smooth, without visible transitions, good marketable condition;
– Coating with rutile provides the joint with good impact strength and high fatigue strength;
– The weld property is not affected by the wet surface of the materials to be welded;
– The presence of rust and other contaminants is not an obstacle for welding. It is possible to weld surfaces coated with a thin primer;
– It is possible to perform high-quality welding with electrodes, the diameter of which is larger than recommended;
– A short-term change in the arc length does not affect the quality of the joint;
– The gases emitted when welding with rutile-coated electrodes are non-toxic.


1. Coated metal electrodes for manual arc welding of steels and surfacing, MR-3 grade, are manufactured with sizes of 2.5x300mm; 3.2 × 350mm and 4.0x400mm. Thick coating – D. The rod material is Sv-08A or Sv-08GA in accordance with GOST 2246. The temperature of heat treating before use is 180-220°C.

2. Electrodes, with a total weight of 5 kg, are packed in outer cartons, followed by hermetic packing in plastic heat-shrinkable film bags. Outer cartons, in turn, are placed in cardboard boxes, with a total weight of 20 kg. The cardboard boxes are stacked on wooden pallets with a total weight of 2000 kg.


Assortment of coated metal electrodes for manual arc welding and surfacing as per GOST 9466-75more details
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