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JV LLC Tashkent Pipe Plant named after V. L. Galperin manufactures a wide range of fixing hardware, including:

– Bolts, which are metal rods with hexagon heads with an external metric thread applied to the entire length or to a part of it, are manufactured galvanized coating or uncoated in accordance with GOST 7798-70;
– Nuts made in the form of hexagons with a threaded hole are manufactured galvanized or uncoated in accordance with GOST 5915-70;
– Flat washers are flat discs with a hole and are manufactured galvanized or uncoated in accordance with GOST 11371-78;
– Spring washers are split circular washers, the ends of which are located in different planes and manufactured galvanized or uncoated in accordance with GOST 6402-70;
– Screws are fasteners in the form of a metal rod with a pointed tip, an external thread and a countersunk head for mounting and assembling products according to Ts 15229984-09:2021;
– Threaded studs, which are metal rods that are manufactured according to the German standard DIN 975, with metric thread (tolerance field 6g) diameters from M6 to M16 along the entire length of the rod 1000 mm, with galvanized coating, or without coating.


Fixing hardware is used to connect the components of the structure into a single whole.

Fixing hardware makes it possible to create both detachable and rigid connections. The former can be demounted and reused. The configuration of structures on their basis can be changed. The latter are permanent, not implying a change in the position of the fastened elements.

Fixing hardware is indispensable in construction; the railway sector; mechanical engineering; manufacture of cars, electrical products, furniture and other products; installation of electrical wiring, plumbing, heating systems and other similar works.


The widest use of fixing hardware in industry, including in industries critical for the state (military, machine-building, energy and heat engineering) has caused the need for its mandatory standardization. Keeping pace with the times, our company manufactures fixing hardware in full compliance with applicable standards.

In particular:


Zinc coated and uncoated hex head bolts as per GOST 7798-70more details
Zink coated and uncoated hexagon nuts as per GOST 5915-70more details
Zink-coated and uncoated flat washers as per GOST 11371-78more details
Galvanized or uncoated spring washers as per GOST 6402-70more details
Threaded rods with metric thread along the entire length made in accordance with the German standard DIN 975more details
To calculate the cost of fixing hardware, send an application in free form using our for, or contact the sales department in any way convenient for you. You will assuredly be given a quick response.


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