Hexagonal nut


GOST 5915-70 — Hexagonal nuts of “B” accuracy class, various sizes, with metric threads.


Hex nuts are one of the most popular types of fixing hardware, which is indispensable when assembling units in mechanical engineering, when installing metal structures in areas with different climatic conditions, during repair and maintenance operations. Nuts are used in performing mechanical and assembly work, ranging from tinker toys to the construction of bridges and other more complex engineering and technical structures.

Nuts with metric threads, strength class – 5, manufactured by the company, according to GOST 1759.5-87, can be used with bolts, screws and studs of strength classes of 3.6 to 4.8 with thread diameter ≤16 and of 5.6 to 5.8 with thread diameter ≤48. With these combinations of nut strength classes with bolt, screw and stud strength classes, the connection can be tightened to the proof load value for the bolts without thread stripping.

Nuts are manufactured in accordance with standards for fixing hardware with accuracy class B – normal grade of accuracy. Nuts with the specified accuracy class are used to complete bolts, screws and studs with the same accuracy class.


– There is a possibility of multiple assembly/disassembly of connections;
– Convenience of adjustment and fixation during installation, due to the joint use with bolts, screws and studs with metric threads of various types and sizes;
– Provides joint connections with specified load requirements;
– Small efforts on the wrench when tightening the nut, cause significant compression loads tightened by the bolt and nut of the package, which allows you to provide a calibrated tightening the permanent connection under the influence of external loads;
– Threaded connection with a nut has an indisputable advantage in the case of connecting parts with small thicknesses, when the material of the counterpart is not enough to cut a strong thread for connecting with a bolt;
– It is not difficult to assemble the structure with a wide variety of options for the location of the parts to be joined.


Hexagonal nuts of strength class 5 are made according to the process procedure of carbon steels with metric threads in accordance with GOST 24705 of M6 to M16 inclusive. Nuts can be manufactured uncoated or zinc coated.

Nuts are packed in two options:

  1. Nuts, whether coated or uncoated, are packed in polyethylene bags, and then packed in 20 kg plastic bags.
  2. Zinc coated nuts are packed in 15 kg cartons. Uncoated nuts are pre-packed in polyethylene bags.


Assortment of zinc-coated hexagonal nuts of “B” accuracy class as per GOST 5915-70more details
Assortment of uncoated hexagonal nuts of “B” accuracy class as per GOST 5915-70more details
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