Spring washers


GOST 6402-70 — Galvanized or uncoated spring washers.


Spring washers (common names – Grover’s or Grover’s washers) are split round washers, the ends of which are located in different planes and serve to prevent self-loosening of threaded connections due to elastic deformation of the washer under load. Due to this design feature of the washer, the attachment point is reliably protected from gradual loosening of the nut under the influence of a large external load or vibration and, as a result, loosening of the connection. Due to this property, spring washers have found wide application in such industries as instrumentation, construction, heavy and light engineering, as well as in the construction of bridges, light, medium and heavy metal structures. Using spring washers is a guaranteed way to maximize the reliability of any threaded connection.


– Possibility of obtaining a threaded connection, resistant to vibration;
– High strength and wear resistance of washers;
– Small weight and size;
– Ease of use;
– Resistance to moisture, due to the presence of anti-corrosion zinc coating;
– Versatility of application.


Spring washers are made from wire according to the process procedures of grade 70 steel. Spring washers are manufactured for fasteners with thread diameters of 6 to 16 mm inclusive and can be made uncoated or zinc-coated.

Spring washers are packed in two options:

  1. Zinc coated washers are packed in 15 kg cartons. Uncoated washers are pre-packed in polyethylene bags.
  2. Washers, whether coated or uncoated, are packed in polyethylene bags, and then packed in plastic 20 kg bags.


Assortment of zinc-coated spring washers as per GOST 6402-70more details
Assortment of uncoated spring washers as per GOST 6402-70more details
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