Hex head bolts


GOST 7798-70.- Hexagon head bolts of “B” accuracy class.


Bolts are fasteners in the form of a metal rod with an external thread and a hex head corresponding to the dimension of wrenches. This hardware is used both with a nut and with a threaded hole in various automotive assemblies, furniture elements and metal structures.

The most common uses for bolts are in the mechanical engineering and construction industries, but they can be used in almost any other industry.

Depending on the design feature or the conditions of its operation, bolts with full or incomplete thread, zinc-coated or uncoated, and most importantly with a certain strength class are used. Strength class designation consists of two numbers: the first corresponds to 1/100 of the nominal tensile strength in N/mm2; the other corresponds to 1/10 of the ratio of the nominal value of the yield strength to the ultimate strength in percent. The product of these two digits corresponds to 1/10 of the nominal value of the yield strength in N / mm2. The minimum (or conditional) yield strength and minimum ultimate tensile strength are equal to or greater than their nominal values. Simply stated, the higher the value of the strength class, the stronger the fastener, the thicker the zinc coating, the higher the corrosion resistance of the bolt.


– Various possibilities for mounting arched structures with large spans and consoles;
– Selection of the number of bolts and their strength class in the joint connection ensures that the structure meets the specified requirements for external loads;
– Resistance to moisture, due to the presence of anti-corrosion zinc coating;
– Unlike welded structures, it is possible to adjust and fix during installation due to the placement of expansion seals and washers in the bolted connection;
– The dimension of structures with bolted connections allows multiple assembly/disassembly during the repair or maintenance of the unit;
– With a wide variety of component arrangements, assembly is easy.


Hexagon head bolts of strength class 5.8 are manufactured according to process procedures of carbon steels with metric threads of M6 to M16 inclusive. Bolts can be made uncoated or zinc coated.

Bolts are packed in two options:

  1. The bolts, whether coated or uncoated, are packed in polyethylene bags, and then placed in plastic bags, weighing 20 kg.
  2. Zinc coated bolts are packed in 15 kg cartons. Uncoated bolts are pre-packed in polyethylene bags.


Assortment of zinc-coated hex headed bolts of accuracy class “B” as per GOST 7798-70more details
Assortment of uncoated hex headed bolts of accuracy class “B” as per GOST 7798-70more details
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