Dowel nails are produced with a mounted washer for a construction and installation gun, as well as with a general-purpose polyethylene dowel according to Ts 15229984-09:2021.
The dowel-nail is made according to the technological regulations:
– with a mounted washer made of high-carbon steels (70, 77B and 85), and with a polyethylene dowel made of carbon steels (15G, 20G, SAE 1018 and SAE 1022).
– with a mounted washer with a zinc coating, with a nominal thread diameter of 4.5 mm and a rod length of 25; 30; 40 and 50 mm. The hardness of the surface layer is 53-56 HRC.
– with a polyethylene dowel, produced with a zinc coating and rainbow passivation, with a nominal screw thread diameter of 3.5 mm, a polyethylene dowel length of 40 and 60 mm with a dowel hole diameter of 6 mm. The hardness of the surface layer, not less than 450 HV.



A dowel-nail with a mounted washer is a fastener in the form of a cylindrical metal rod that includes a spacer element that can expand, thereby guaranteeing the reliability of the fastening. This hardware is designed for end-to-end fixation of metal and wood structures to a solid concrete or brick surface. Installation is carried out using a special mounting gun without performing preliminary drilling.
Dowel-nail with a polyethylene dowel is a fastener in the form of a metal rod with a countersunk head with a cross-shaped slot and a special external screw thread, equipped with a polyethylene dowel. This hardware is used for fast end-to-end installation when fixing cable ducts, baseboards, plasterboard systems and other hinged structures in solid materials (concrete, brick, etc.).
The scope of application of dowel nails mainly extends to the construction industry. It is also used for industrial and household needs.


– Versatility, reliability and a high level of connection quality.
– Resistance to bending and the ability to withstand loads when installed on very rigid bases.
– The ability to create strong, reliable, strong and durable connections in many applications.
– High hardness and strength achieved as a result of heat treatment.
– Resistance to moisture, due to the presence of an anti-corrosion coating.
The presence of a full production cycle at the enterprise, from steel smelting and steel wire production to heat treatment and coating.
The high quality of products is achieved by the presence of a certified quality management system according to ISO 9001:2015 and a certified central factory laboratory.


Dowel nails are pre-packed in plastic bags and packed in cardboard boxes weighing up to 20 kg.


Assortment for a dowel-nail with a mounted washer for a construction and installation gun according to Ts 15229984-09:2021more details
Assortment for dowel-nail with a general-purpose polyethylene dowel according to Ts 15229984-09:2021more details
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