Welded metal meshes


Welded reinforcing meshes and metal wire meshes for reinforced concrete structures and products are manufactured in accordance with GOST 23279-2012 and GOST 2715-75.


Welded reinforcing meshes for reinforced concrete structures and products are manufactured in accordance with GOST 23279, according to which reinforcement made of different steel grades can be used for the manufacture of meshes, which significantly expands their scope in the following industries:
– Manufacture of fences. Fences and gates made of welded mesh, installed in residential buildings in summer cottages and household plots and in all types of commercial and industrial facilities, have now become very popular;
– Construction. Welded reinforcing meshes are used for strengthening reinforced concrete structures, foundations, roofing structures and for fastening brickwork when erecting walls with a thickness of half a brick or brick in multi-storey construction. Welded mesh is widely used for temporary fencing of construction sites;
– Facades of buildings. Flat welded reinforcing meshes are known for strength and durability. They are often used by architects and designers to enhance aesthetic appeal;
– Fill-panels for railings, partitions, etc. Reinforcing mesh increases the strength and service life of building structural elements;
– Racks and partitions. The strength, stability of the properties of welded mashes made of reinforcing metal make them suitable for serving as racks for storing heavy products and as partitions providing good visibility;
– In plumbing, a reliable support for pipes is provided by attaching them to reinforcement meshes installed in the structures of walls and ceilings;
– Protective covers for industrial equipment;
– Road construction. Welded reinforcing meshes are used to reinforce road surfaces, paving slabs, etc.
– Agricultural industry. Farmers use welded reinforcement meshes to make frames for hothouses and greenhouses, as well as barriers, livestock cages and temporary corrals;
– Animal control. Animal control specialists use welded mesh fencing to keep livestock and stray animals.

Welded metal meshes with rectangular cells made of heat-treated (annealed) galvanized low-carbon wire, manufactured in accordance with GOST 2715 are used for:
– Reinforcement of the surface during the grouting of floors and cement screeds.
– Creation of a cast-in-situ strip;
– Performing plastering works;
– Formation of frames in everyday life and agriculture. For example, for greenhouses, feeders, etc;
– Making fences in the form of mesh fences, gates, etc.;
– Manufacturing of barriers for rodents and protective shells for pipelines and other surfaces.


The presence of our own modern steel-making complex, the newest section rolling mill, specialized wire drawing lines, neutral gas annealing furnaces, cold and hot-dip galvanizing lines, allow us to produce welded metal meshes using automatic plants of various types of reinforcing bars, wires and steel grades, for a wide variety of application.
The main advantages of using welded metal meshes are:
– Rolled metal is evenly distributed in the mesh and therefore is an economically viable alternative, since it requires less reinforcement as compared to using conventional reinforcement.
– The design of the welded reinforcing mesh allows it to sit firmly in place and not to change the location of the rolled metal under the influence of heavy materials.
– Flexural strength. The reinforcing mesh panel is bent as a whole. This minimizes the risk of incorrect placement of rolled metal when strengthening reinforced concrete structures.
– Rolled metal as a part of nets is quick and easy to install. It is not required to weld or strap reinforcement bars during construction activities, which more than 10 times increases the productivity of work, significantly reduces construction time, improves the quality of work and reduces the cost of construction personnel.
– The ability to manufacture meshes of the required size makes it possible to have no metal waste at the construction site.
– Distinctive advantages of galvanized welded mesh are neat and aesthetic appearance, resistance to environmental influences, absence of corrosion damage, traces of rust on contacting surfaces, clothes and hands, as well as a longer service life in comparison with non-galvanized meshes.
– The certified Central Plant Laboratory created at the plant is equipped with modern instrumentation, testing and spectral analysis equipment, which enables the plant to ensure that all types of welded metal meshes comply with the requirements of process procedures and regulatory documents.


Metal wire meshes are made of wires located in two mutually perpendicular directions and welded at their intersections, with square or rectangular cells with sizes from 10 to 40 mm in accordance with GOST 2715-75. The manufacture of the meshes employs round, annealed, galvanized wires of general purposes with a diameter of 0.8 to 2.0 mm made in accordance with GOST 3282-74 of commercial quality carbon steels of St1, St2, St3 grades of all degrees of deoxidation with a chemical composition in accordance with GOST 380.

The meshes are manufactured up to 1200mm wide and up to 30,000mm long on request.

Welded meshes are packed in a roll and wrapped with a layer of paper.

Welded reinforcing meshes for reinforced concrete structures and products are made with transverse rods for the entire width of the mesh, with square or rectangular cells having sizes of 50 to 200 mm, the diameter of rods is of 2.8 to 8 mm. The manufacture of reinforcing meshes employs reinforcing wire of Вр-1 class in accordance with GOST 6727-80 or reinforcing bars of А500С class in accordance with GOST 34028-2016.

Reinforcing meshes are made up to 2900mm wide and up to 30,000mm long on request.

Reinforcing meshes are packed in bags (bundles) or packed in a roll and tied.


Assortment of welded metal wire meshes for reinforced concrete structures as per GOST 2715-75.more details
Assortment of welded reinforcing meshes for reinforced concrete structures as per GOST 23279-2012more details
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