Sharply-curved welded bends


The assortment of sharply-curved welded bends made of carbon and low-alloy steels of St1, St2, St3, 20, 09G2S and 17GS grades in accordance with Ts15229984-05:2015 Standard.


Sharply-urved bends are pipe connectors that make it possible to smoothly change the direction of the pipeline during installation by butt welding of pipes of the same diameter at an angle. Sharply-curved steel bends is the basis of pipelines. It is impossible to do without them when laying a new structure or installing a process system. Sharply-curved bends can be used in pipelines for various purposes. All types of industrial production, as well as transport pipelines, home water, gas and heat supply systems, as well as a huge list of other areas (sewage systems, pumping stations, etc.) are the areas where the pipeline elements apply.


— make it possible to smoothly change the direction of the pipeline;
— provide a reliable connection;
— resistant to temperature fluctuations;
— have a small coefficient of thermal expansion;
— can be used in harsh operating conditions;
— have high strength characteristics;
— have high gas tightness;
— can be operated at pressures up to 1.6 MPa.


Sharply-curved welded bends are manufactured with a diameter of 26.9 to 219 mm as per Ts15229984-05: 2015 standard of commercial quality carbon steels of St1, St2, St3 grades of all degrees of deoxidation in accordance with GOST 380.
Sharply-curved welded bends with a diameter of 114 to 219 mm can be made of high-quality structural carbon steel 20 in accordance with GOST 1050 or of low-alloy steels of 09G2S and 17GS grades in accordance with GOST 19281.
Bend type: seam, from longitudinal electric-welded pipe. Bending angle: 90°
Type of packaging: tied with steel wire, weighing no more than 40 kg, or by the piece.


Assortment of sharply-curved welded bends made of carbon and low-alloy steel manufactured as per Тs15229984-05:201515 standardmore details
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